Please enter the Report Number shown on the Report issued by GCL International.


Example of Report Number “GCL-EI-JHSML-2306001-02"

The following information will be shown for all valid GCL INTL Reports: Report Number, Report Name, Company Name, Company Address, Inspection Body, Inspection Date, Expire Date, Assesment Level and Report Status.

If the information displayed on the certificate does not match or if your certificate details are not accessible, please promptly report the issue to GCL INTL by sending an email to info@gcl-inspection.com. Your feedback is important to us, and we will assist you in resolving any discrepancies or concerns.

Manual Verification Form

To ensure the accuracy and authenticity of a report issued by GCL International, we kindly request you to utilize the provided form for manual verification. Simply submit the report through this form, and our dedicated team will swiftly verify its authenticity. We will verify the report and reply you back within 24 hours. Your confidence in the accuracy of our reports is of utmost importance to us, and this verification process is designed to maintain the high standards we uphold at GCL International.